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Financial Aid

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average cost to an undergraduate for tuition, fees and room and board at a four-year institution was $19,362 during the 2007-2008 school year [source: NCES]. However with the economy now those numbers have increased by a few. We need to continue so have an open mind and open communication with the financial advisors. That\\\'s just for one year\\\'s education. Many students must turn to some form of financial aid to afford college. Students for sure do count on that free federal money to help out however with numbers increasing for the cost of school it seems not to do much of a dent in the balance. But it’s like we all know some is better than none. If there were only one type of financial aid, applying might be easy. Perhaps you\\\'d walk into the financial aid office, fill out a few forms, write an essay and they\\\'d cut you a check. I guess everyone would do it right. But there are many types of financial aid. This means in the end there is that much money out there for individuals to receive and go back to school. So ladies and gentlemen get out and time that extra 1 hour out of your day to get this filled out and submitted so you can get help in achieving that goal of yours. Even a quick glance at the variety of scholarships available makes it clear that no two options are exactly the same. Plan easy simple scholarships are out there such as drinking a glass of milk and taking a picture with a milk mustache and sending it up the “Milk foundation Milk does a body good” hands out something like 2 thousand dollars just for sending that picture in. The free money out there is crazy just take the time to reach out and get it. These scholarships are not alone for High School grads but anyone who is seeking an education. Specific requirements are listed on each scholarship so surf the web check with student advisors and process with your education endeavors. . The financial aid application process can be overwhelming. If you are fresh out of high school and going through this process overwhelming is for sure the word. You will need most of one or both of your parents information such as income taxes information, social security, they will have to sign electronically as well Now someone is has been out of school for a while now and is looking to get back in it this would be all of your own information if you have a job and on your own. But once this is submitted the good thing is it goes straight to the schools you are applying for and allows them to see what you qualify for so if you wanted to start classes they know what is available to you and what we need to do to cover what is not. Should you apply for scholarships? YES! Would a grants be a better option? Grants is not a better option because its all the same but for sure look them up and apply if available to you. What about student loans? NO, this is what you want to stay away from however this is an option and available as well. There are several different kinds of students loans so please do research that will best fit your needs. With all the options, paperwork and competition for every dollar available, it\\\'s easy to become discouraged. But with the right focus and effort, you can improve your chances to get the money you need to go to school. We\\\'ve put together five tips, listed in no particular order, which can help you find financial aid. It all begins with a little research. 1. Be thorough, Neat and Organized 2. Ask for help 3. Apply for Everything you qualify for 4. Complete the FAFSA Form 5. Do your Homework \\n\\n\\n

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Financial Aid 2012-11-05