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Online Doctorate Degrees

What are the benefits and drawbacks of the doctoral degree? The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that workers over the age of 25 with a doctoral degree earned an average of $14,456 more in 2010 alone than workers with a master\\\'s degree and $26,624 more than those with a bachelor\\\'s degree. A doctorate is generally the most advanced degree available in any given field, and it\\\'s necessary for those wishing to advance the top of their profession in teaching, research or clinical practice. But the intense nature of doctoral degree programs means, however, that some students may find the master\\\'s degree to be a more appealing choice. Master\\\'s degree programs require less of a time commitment--one to two years instead of five or more--and allow for a similar process of research, coursework and thesis defense. While a career teaching or researching at the university level is generally only possible with a doctorate degree, some students are less interested in academia and may find that the master\\\'s degree is sufficient for careers in the public or private sphere. Who is best suited for doctoral study? Anyone with a curiosity for the world around them, the ability to research to discover new things and the patience for a dedicated degree program could be well suited to earning a doctoral degree. According to projections by the NCES, the number of women earning doctoral degrees is expected to rise sharply in the coming years. Specifically, between the 2007-08 academic year and the 2019-20 academic year, 68 percent growth in doctoral degrees being awarded to women is projected. Only 39 percent growth is projected for men. As Sandra Barkan, assistant dean of the University of Iowa\\\'s Graduate College, told the school\\\'s publication ParentTimes, \\\"The average age of graduate students continues to rise. We have many graduate students who are married and have children.\\\" In the PhD Program at MIT\\\'s Sloan School of Management, the average age of students is 30, their average work experience is three years and their average length of study is five years. Earning doctoral degrees online For the increasing number of doctoral students balancing a family with their studies, online doctorate degrees offer the advantage of a flexible schedule and give these motivated students the ability to fit their studies in around family or work obligations. The proliferation of online doctorate degrees also means students don\\\'t have to relocate to pursue a program that may not be available in their hometown - something that can be a significant advantage in the highly specialized world of doctoral programs. Not all doctoral degrees are available online. Some schools require students to take coursework or conduct research on-campus, only allowing them to work online as they prepare their dissertation. Students interested in a particular school or program should contact individual doctoral departments for more information. What jobs are common for graduates of doctoral degree programs? The intensive research and publication required in doctoral degree programs is designed to prepare most students for careers in academia, either researching or teaching at the university level while continuing to publish work. Students in doctoral education programs go on to administrative education positions, while health profession graduates work in the highest levels of the medical field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), doctoral degree holders had the lowest unemployment of any educational category in 2010, with an unemployment rate of only 1.9 percent. What are the typical salary ranges of doctoral degree holders? The BLS reports that individuals with a doctorate degree earned median weekly wages of $1,550 in 2010, compared to $1,272 for master\\\'s degrees holders and $1,038 for bachelor\\\'s degree holders. The only credential bringing in higher earnings was the first professional degree, with median weekly wages of $1,610. Wages vary based on field, experience and location. The BLS reports nationwide mean annual salaries in 2010 for popular jobs for doctoral degree graduates: Computer and Information Scientists, Research: $103,150 Education Administrators, Postsecondary: $96,680 Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary: $96,480 Health specialties teachers, Postsecondary: $103,960 Students who are motivated to explore new questions in their field, are interested in contributing to existing scholarship and willing to commit to a doctoral degree program can find immense satisfaction in pursuing this degree.\\n\\n\\n

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Online Doctorate Degrees 2012-11-07