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What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland

What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success Everyone agrees the United States needs to improve its education system dramatically, but how? One of the hottest tre... Read More »

The Degree That Will Have You Set For Life

The business field is a popular one, and for good reason. Having business knowledge will always be of use, and is highly transferable. You can carry business skills through your en... Read More »

Why You Should Get an Accounting Degree

By completing an accounting degree program at a college or university, you can earn an associate, bachelor, or master's degree in accounting. An associate's degree takes about two ... Read More »

4 Tips to Be Successful in Online Degree Programs

Are you currently enrolled in distance education courses for your college or university degree? Are you thinking about pursuing an online degree program to find a higher paying job... Read More »

Associate Degrees Online

An associate degree has 2 main purposes. It can either be earned as a career preparation degree or as the first half a bachelor degree. Either way, an associate degree involves rou... Read More »

Too Old for School?

Do you think you're too old to go back to school? As the saying goes, "Never say never." Or, at the very least, take your cue from 72-year-old Gail Clark, a barber-school student a... Read More »

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