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Art and Design

Are you interested in media and digital arts? Would you like to learn animation? From movies to commercials to video games- animation and graphic design are the medium for creating masterpieces. As the field continues to grow the demand for skilled talent will continue to be a priceless commodity.

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Business degrees are a great idea for anyone with an interest in economics, management processes, or any other aspect of running a company in the free market. From small-scale operations to department and company-level management techniques, a degree in business offers students all the skills they need to survive in the corporate environment. Covering every aspect of modern business composition—from human resources to sales and marketing—a degree in this field is both a great way towards a better job, and a way to pick up skills and techniques that can help with every aspect of running a company.

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Criminal Justice

Criminal justice majors study the many facets of crime, looking at the causes and contributing factors to criminal behavior. In order to prepare students for the many challenges they will face in the real world, criminal justice programs offer classes in history, sociology, psychology, law, and economics, among others. This field can also be an introduction to the legal system, public management, and forensic science.

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An online degree in the health care field can give you the knowledge and skills you need to manage health care programs and impact people's lives each and every day. A health care degree is going to be one of the most in-demand skills through the year 2012.

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Promote healthy lives and help those to achieve healthy live with a degree in Healthcare.

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Liberal Arts

Broaden your educational horizons in mathematics, science, arts, and language with a Liberal Arts degree. This degree will prepare you for lifelong learning and social, cultural, and technological changes, enhancing your understanding of the physical and social world. Study to develop your own view of the world, with skills in critical, creative thinking, and communication.

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With many baby boomers retiring, there is a large nurse shortage growing by the day. The demand for nurses will create over a million new jobs, and is already lifting nursing wages. Studying nursing online allows you to improve your career and salary with flexible hours that work around your current schedule. Make a difference in the lives of the people you serve while making a great career for yourself.

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With a degree in Psychology, you can understand human behavior, motivations, emotions, and thought processes. You will complete coursework in physiology, human development, group dynamics, research and statistics, as well as current therapies and theories.

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Interested in biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, ecology, geography, gastronomy, or the science of pretty much anything? There's hundreds of different scientific branches, and at least one of them is right for you!

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Social Sciences

Study history, culture, psychology and sociology in pursuit of your degree in Social Sciences.With this degree, you will be able to succeed in careers such as advertising and public relations, arts and culture, consulting, computing and IT, education, financial and legal, language-related careers, leisure, tourism, and travel, media, communications, and information, human Resources, public service, sales and marketing, and social services.

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Show off your skills in designing, developing, implementing, and troubleshooting information systems in a high-tech world. Earn a degree in technology, studying database management, systems analysis, technology planning, programming concepts, business law, and procurement.

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Vocational and Trade

Are you interested in a career in home economics, wood and metal shop, typing, business courses, drafting or auto repair? Then vocational and trade courses are best for you and your future!

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