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Boston University
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Boston University was founded as one of the first all-inclusive universities, as well as a leading private research and teaching institution. With 32,000 students from 50 states and 140 countries, BU is the fourth largest independent university in the United States. For over 150 years, Boston University has anticipated the changing needs of its students while serving the greater needs of society.

Elementary Education with Initial License in Elementary Education:

According to Albert Einstein, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” We set as our mission the preparation of teachers who awaken such joy and who care deeply about the education and well-being of all children. At the heart of this mission is a fundamental conception of education in a democratic society that recognizes the worth and freedom of the individual, and that prepares children to work together for the common good through enlightened participation in the civic life of their communities and the nation. As advocates of social justice, our preservice teachers deepen their understanding of how issues such as race, class, gender, culture, and disability affect children academically, socially, and emotionally, regardless of whether they teach in urban or suburban schools, and strive to create culturally responsive classrooms. In addition, our preservice teachers possess not only a demonstrated knowledge of and passion about the subject matter of the elementary curriculum but also bring a high level of content and pedagogical knowledge, translating theory and research into effective practice with the goal of narrowing the achievement gap. Central to achieving pedagogical excellence, our teachers continually reflect on the effectiveness of their teaching which is intricately tied to students’ achievement and love of learning, and appreciate that such reflection results in the never-ending quest for new knowledge and understanding.

To attain this level of artistry and craft, our graduate candidates embark on a rigorous course of study while apprenticing in urban and suburban classrooms. The pedagogical courses and classroom experiences are designed to induct preservice teachers into the current research and best practices of each subject area in the elementary curriculum. Prior to student teaching, students complete a minimum of 120 hours in the field, planning and teaching lessons across the curriculum as well as completing other field-related assignments. In the spring, candidates student teach for the entire semester, assuming major responsibility for designing and implementing effective instruction and assessing children’s learning

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